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What is "Making Money More Productive"?

“Out of the money you are earning today, how much is indeed earned by you how much by your money?!” You get tired and one day get retired from earning money, money will never! We believe, one should have the scenario depicted in the graphic beside Making that happen is  “Making Money More Productive” Most of the time it is seen that many people earn more than enough, but due to irrational and inappropriate management, chunk of the money gets wasted. As a result by the end of their earning tenure, they will have just enough (sometimes insufficient) money to live rest of their life in a confined and perhaps compromised way. For example, a person earning a very handsome salary (more than 3 times of his current monthly expenses or more) would choose wrong products to save for his long term goal, say, retirement planning. So his money won't earn good enough returns that it is potential of. So, even after contributing excessively to such investments, by the time he