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Understanding the need for lock-down and desperation for opening-up

Imagine you are a sole breadwinner in the family (well, that's the case in most families in India). You haven't unfortunately made provision for emergency fund and don't have a health insurance (well, again that's the case for most Indians). You fall sick...severly sick, requiring several months of rest (personally, I have the experience of falling sick for 6+ months when I was college student) You start taking treatment & rest and don't go to work. One month passes; you manage it somehow. 2nd month your income will be severely hit or you won't get salary. You have to manage family expenses as well as cost of your treatment. You have no option but to sell your long term assets or borrow. You do one of them. By 3rd month, fortunately you start recovering. You feel much better. But you aren't cured fully yet. You mostly need another 4-6 weeks rest to fully recover.  But you are desperate to get back to work. You feel you can't afford to rest w

The Men Who (not) Cried Wolf!

There are people who say “This Time is Different” like the very same ‘boy who cried wolf’. At the same time, because it has become a cliché, there are many other people who cry “this time also is NOT any different”.   Well, that too has become a cliché! Sometimes, ignoring the cries of wolf impact them more than the ones who cry.   Many a times some wicked individuals make fake calls to scare people of ‘bomb threat’ at public places. Ignoring those calls, unlike the boy crying wolf, it is dangerous and risky of the public rather than the person faking it. The problem becomes too difficult for the people to comprehend, when both sides of the people crying foul and the people denying it are made of learned individuals and subject matter experts. Most often than not, in today’s complex world, we are exposed to such situations. Ongoing ‘Novel Corona Virus’ / ‘Covid-19’ is the same case. There are mainly two major impacts it is creating. One, the health (physiological and psy