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Top-up Health Insurance

Covid is spreading fast. I wish you, your family and loved ones be safe & healthy. We need to exercise high caution and try hard to prevent getting infected, by following good hygiene and social distancing practices. However, we also need to be financially prepared to handle the situation, if unfortunately we are infected. Covid treatment in private hospitals is costing 10-20 lakhs, depending on type of hospital and type of hospitalization (i.e., Isolation/Ventilator/ ICU). If a person in a family is infected, more often than not, whole or multiple members of the family will be infected consequently. If such infections turn out to be of moderate to high severity, hospitalization will be required. If that happens, mostly, most of us will not be able to afford private hospital expenses, out of our savings. If we spend so much, then we will become bankrupt. There will be no option but to go with Govt. provided free facilities. You know the state of those facilities as you