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Why an Agent (Commission) is Better than an Advisor (Fee) Sometimes... rather many a times!

It is well established that separation of 'Financial Advice' and 'Financial Product Sales' is a great idea to avoid conflict of interest. Mixing both, that means advice from a product seller, may not always be unbiased. Paying fees for advice only, (where adviser gets paid by the client only and won't earn any commission or remuneration for the products he /she recommends) indeed is a great idea logically. Sometimes (rather most of the times!) we humans don't behave logically. I see three types of people: Majority - reactive people,  who need to be chased to do get them buy and renew their Insurance policies or start and keep the SIP going;  Minority - people who get the financial plan and advice by paying fees and then get too busy with their work that it keeps them postponing the implementation of plan / advice for eternity;   Rarity - proactive people who plan and implement meticulously. Financial Advisers add little value to the rare proactiv