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Stock Market Crash & Me: How did I handle as an Investor and as a Professional?

A little more than a month ago, stock markets in India and all over the world were at their all time highs. Suddenly, in a matter of few working days markets crashed at a speed that wasn’t seen before, including at the time of financial melt-down and recession of 2008-09. Until the end of first week of this month, I believed, in my life time I’ll never again see 2008-09 kind of crash. No living person then and today so far remembers experiencing any bigger stock market crash of a magnitude of 2008-09. Well, for Indians, it was the only biggest crash people have seen. In USA, something bigger had happened during ‘great depression’ of 1929, when Indian Stock Market was practically non-existent (though BSE is more than century old, there is no data, benchmark whatsoever for those dates). During 2008-09 I was still amateur investor with little money. That situation should have been much better for me, if had not done a bad financial decision just few months before the recession took enti