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SEBI's new Multicap Fund Directive - What should we understand & do?

Yesterday, stock market regulator SEBI has issued a new circular regarding multicap funds. According to the circular, in short, SEBI has mandated all Multi-Cap Equity funds to (re)allocate minimum 25% to each of Large Cap, Mid Cap and Small Cap categories of stocks, in less than 6 months time from now. At present multicap funds have much smaller allocations to mid caps and minuscule allocation to small cap stocks. This news has created a buzz in the market.  For sure this will result in lot of money moving from large caps to mid caps and small caps. Small caps will have higher inflows as multi cap fund hold very little small cap for now. So much sudden (over less than 6 months) flow in small cap stocks is a windfall. Small cap stocks category may not have that much depth to absorb so much sudden influx of money without causing unreasonable stock price appreciation, which makes the entire category more riskier. On the other hand, this should correct last 3 years  market anomaly of bei